There’s no need for shoes, if you have manners, i.e. how to avoid tourist traps in Thailand

How to avoid tourist traps in Thailand? Don't be a stupid farang

Krabi. The rock faces at Railay Beach near Ao Nang attract climbers from all over the world. They also attract bored, flabby Westerners looking for something to tell once back home from their once in a lifetime exotic trip to Thailand. Every year those paradisiac places host The Rock and Fire Festival. In such occasions, … Read more

Our very own silent Monk – Buddhist rituals for Muay Thai

monks rituals for muay thai

Our very own silent Monk – Buddhist rituals for Muay Thai This monk never looks into your eyes. This is kind of unexpected from my experience. Maybe this time is the right one. I think. I suppose. Maybe. I want to be hopeful. A positive attitude is the key. Also, I’m really curious to discover … Read more

That day my comfort zone has died – How to survive in the Bangkok slums

ghost tower

My studio. A shitty, dirty, nude, mostly cracked room on the second floor of a decrepit building in one of the slums of Bangkok. The only place I’ve heard people saying that it’s dangerous. However, just for the record, people say a lot of bullshit. Once I woke up very early in the morning. That’s … Read more