One Night in Bangkok: Party in Thailand with Mojosons

Continuing my series of interviews with the most inspiring entrepreneurs, digital nomads and personalities I cross path with. This time we’ll have a chat with Matthieu Chauveau: Wanna Party like an animal in Thailand? You need Mojosons!

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The Story and Background

We’d like to know more about you…Introduce yourself and tell us about the path that led you to become the person that you are today

“The path that led… “ That’s a deep question ahah, what a way to start.

I’m a 27 years old French living in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m Uni dropout, former bartender turned event planner and future Dan Bilzerian.

I’m someone that never settle. I started to work at 14 on markets to get pocket money, I finished high school at 18, went to Uni for 2 months then quit it for a full time where I could save money to travel.

At 19, with that money, I left France with a 1 year Working Holiday Visa for Australia and spent one whole year down under.

Looking back at it, it seems bold but it was not. I just didn’t know what to do with my life. But I was really interested in learning English and I knew that if I stayed in France I would do nothing but bounce from one small job to another.

So instead of doing anything and everything to make a living in France, I did it in Australia.

During my year there, I pretty much accepted anything that was paying cash in hand, from gardening to removals, receptionist, sales assistant, van driver, cleaner… and bartender.

This gig was for a Hen Night and I was sent there with an Italian because it was “exotic” to have Europeans serving drinks.

We both didn’t know much about service and nothing about Cocktails and spoke little english, but with smiles and a few jokes we did the job, and get paid 120AU$ for 4 hours!

By far the best job I had during that whole year.

So when I came back to France, I was focused on becoming a bartender. I found a job in an Australian bar in my hometown and worked in different bars and clubs during the following 5 years, always in France.

Years went by, I learned a lot about the industry, cocktails, management, marketing… but I was still in my hometown (Tours, about 250,000 people), money was ok but truth is, I was bored of the routine and I needed a new challenge.

I flew to Bangkok in April 2016 with a friend, sent a message to a guy I met when I first visited Thailand in 2012 and started helping him out with his business to stay busy and connect with more people.

That’s where I met my business partner Nathan, and less than 6 months after I landed in Thailand, we were starting MojoSons Events, an event planning company that operate in Bangkok and Pattaya.

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What is Mojosons

Tell us more about your project: how and why it was born, its objectives and why it should be interesting for us

MojoSons is born from a common passion we have with Nathan (my business partner) for parties and people.

We don’t see ourselves only as event planners, but more as a lifestyle brand. Our goal is to help groups visiting Thailand to have the best experience, through private parties, day activities and more. We are also your best choice for organizing a bachelor party in Bangkok.

We genuinely want people to enjoy Thailand as much as we do.

Now that we established a great reputation with over 200 events, we’re working on our brand image to grow a bigger community and help more people have a blast in the Kingdom.

So if you come to Thailand, especially if you’re here to party, drop us a message and check out our blog to find everything you need to know about nightlife, clubs, events, etc..

About the Daily Routine living in Bangkok

What is your kind of day today? Were you successful to maintain your habits living in Bangkok? Do you have a routine that you follow or you just base your life on the daily events? What is your definition of a “productive day”?

My friends back home tend to imagine me spending my days on yachts and in pool villas, partying with Hot Girls. Because that’s what they see on Instagram.

That would be awesome, but that’s only what I share online. And even if we’re often invited by our guests to take part to the celebration, especially after we spent weeks and sometimes months planning the event with them, we’re still working and keeping an eye on everything.


We are there first and foremost to make sure the group have a blast and everything runs smoothly. Not so much to party. At least not like when we party with our friends.

But that’s when we have events that require us to be there.

In reality, 90% of my days are 10 to 14 hours in front of my laptop, chatting with the guests, answering questions, meeting with partners or working on new content and marketing strategies to grow our brand. Not as glamorous as it looks on the pictures.

Now for my routine, I do have one and it’s one of the most important thing in my life. Especially as an expat and entrepreneur in Bangkok.

Because Bangkok is a an awesome city but it will eat you alive if you don’t have a routine or know what you’re here for. So many things happening, so many parties, events… there’s endless temptations, so you need to have defined goals and stay focused if you don’t want to get caught in the flow and end up broke.

Now, my routine have been the same for years, and it helps me stay productive and focus.

Regardless of the time I wake up (which depend on the night I had before), I spend about 1 hour waking up, drinking coffee, watching videos on youtube and checking social networks (Facebook and Instagram mostly).

Then I workout. I do bodyweight training almost everyday, at home. I’m not a big fan of gyms and nothing can beat the convenience of exercising at home. You don’t need equipment, it doesn’t cost much (I use an app, Fizzup) and there’s no time wasted in traffic or any excuses possible.

After that I go to a coworking space to work. I start with clearing my to do list and do the most important tasks first. Only when that’s done, I start to answer emails and messages.

If you start your day by replying to messages you just get caught up in the day and never move forward on your most important projects. So always focus on the bigger picture first.

For me a productive day is one with progress on one of my main goal. I doesn’t matter if it’s a small or a big step, as long as it’s getting me closer to achieving my dreams.

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The Tools that an Entrepreneur uses Everyday

Technical question: what are the tools, hardware and software, that you use daily and which one are those you couldn’t live without?

For tools, I tend to live by the motto “Less is More”

I bought a MacBook Pro 3 years ago and I don’t think I could ever switch to anything else now. It’s expensive, but it’s so easy to use, light, reliable and powerful.

I also have an Android Phone (Samsung S7 Edge for now, I will move to a Pixel next), because everything I use for work is Google.

There’s a ton of great apps out there but I love to have everything in the same place.

That’s why almost everything I use are Google Services. Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Keep (for Tasks) for work and my personal docs.

One service provider, one bill, everything I need in one place.

For me the most important is to have everything online and accessible anytime, anywhere.

My phone or my laptop can die, but I’m still able to work from a new device in minutes. And that is priceless when you rely on this for work.

Only addition to that is Evernotes. I’ve got a premium membership and I find it really helpful to get notes easy to access on the go.

Like Google Services, it’s accessible from any device, and you can add notes or filles from Google Drive.

So I don’t need use much, a laptop, a phone, Google Suite, and I can work anywhere, whenever I want.

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The Future Projects

Last question, the tricky one that everyone wants to avoid: future projects?

Why would anyone avoid it? It’s a great question and that’s your vision of the (your) future that define the choices you make.

I got three goals at the moment, that I plan to achieve in the next 12 to 36 months.

  • Learn more about online marketing (Facebook Ads, SEO, Google Ads…) because it’s the key to building any brand and business this days. Competition is tough and this tools are game changers if you know how to use them properly.
  • Establish MojoSons as a lifestyle brand, we’ve got the bold goal to turn it into the new Playboy. MojoSons Events will still be a big part of it, and we’re gonna keep organizing kickass parties, but we want to be able to impact more people in different ways.
  • Finally, triple my income, but always online. I want to have the opportunity to travel more and join the digital nomad tribe. I love Bangkok and Thailand but I’m dying to travel again, I would love to spend 6 to 8 months per year in the Kingdom and the rest traveling around the world.


While I’m here, thanks a lot to Matteo the interview and for the opportunity to share my story. You can find more about me on Instagram, and if you’re coming to Bangkok, drop me a DM.

Looking forward to party with you 😉

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