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I see Graphic Design as the utter innovation that breaks the traditional scheme taking elements from past, present and new trends to catch the attention of the final user.

Passing through Radical Modernism, The New York School, Swiss Punk, New Wave and Cranbrook Deconstructed Typography and with the use of tools such as interpretation of cultures, philosophy, literature, art, history, economics, architecture, fiction, I developed my own way to apply design to corporate identity, branding, marketing and visual systems.

Below some examples:

new punk style poster deconstructed typography matteo ianna design portfolio
An example of deconstructed typography applied to a punk style poster inspired from the Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen Artwork
constructivism poster ikono soviet style matteo ianna design portfolio
A Soviet Style Constructivist poster revisited for Underground Music Promo
event artwork design branding promotion marketing design portfolio matteo ianna
Example of an Event Visual Planning and Marketing for Social Media in different formats (Facebook banner, poster, IG photo)
Other Examples of Events Visual Planning and Marketing for Social Media in different formats (Facebook banner, poster, IG photo)








































A continuos and proficient customer engagement campaign is nowadays strictly necessary to drive conversions. The style is also very important to attract the right target.


Business card graphic design creation innovative ideas
Unfortunately, nowadays people still do judge a book by its cover, and you only get one shot to make a great first impression. A nice and clean business card is the best way to be remembered for a future business collaboration














Branding and visual marketing content are closely connected and fit in the strategy that a company chooses for emerging among other companies in the same field. The 3 keywords for a successful business in the long term are, marketingwise, “invest”, “create” and “repeat”.
















Party flyers design leaflets brochure marketing
How effective are flyers for Marketing? How many people can you drive to your event with a flyer? Everything depends on the artwork, a fresh and clear design and a good understanding of the target