A Concise Guide of Bangkok: What to See, Do and Experience

bangkok panaroma central siam insider guide

This concise guide of Bangkok that I will expand as time goes by and I’ll discover more things, locations and hidden gems, includes insider tips on what to visit,  see and do, places to eat, stay and activities that you can’t miss. I’ve been living in Bangkok for 4 years and believe me, I can […]

On Bangkok at night, misanthropy and subtle deep optimism

Bangkok at Night 2017

Bangkok at night. Like a brain fueled with amphetamine and alcohol. It is possible to see it running at its top speed after the sun goes down. You can smell the traditions, the habits, the old mixing with the new, and most of all, the vices. Because this is a city born on vices, a […]

15 Weird Things that you can See or Do in Bangkok

Lopburi Monkey City Thailand weird thing in thailand and bangkok

This one is a little bit different from the other videos on Bangkok that you can find on youtube. It’s not about the best things a tourist can experience here. It’s more about daily life here and trying to immerse in the Thai society. It’s about what still catches my attention after more than 2 […]

One Night in Bangkok: Party in Thailand with Mojosons

thailand girls and parties

Continuing my series of interviews with the most inspiring entrepreneurs, digital nomads and personalities I cross path with. This time we’ll have a chat with Matthieu Chauveau: Wanna Party like an animal in Thailand? You need Mojosons! The Story and Background We’d like to know more about you…Introduce yourself and tell us about the path that […]

spaghettibangkok #3 – A gym in Bangkok? Little Guide to Training in Thailand

training in bangkok, muay thai, bodybuilding, gyms in thailand

When we train there are no excuses nor bodybuilding theories. There’s only a lot of sweat, 4 or 5 series for each exercise, drop sets and minimal resting times. Broscience says it doesn’t work like this? Well I’ve been growing a quality musculature since started and continuosly increasing my strenght and endurance. And I’m sure […]

Our very own silent Monk – Buddhist rituals for Muay Thai

monks rituals for muay thai

Our very own silent Monk – Buddhist rituals for Muay Thai This monk never looks into your eyes. This is kind of unexpected from my experience. Maybe this time is the right one. I think. I suppose. Maybe. I want to be hopeful. A positive attitude is the key. Also, I’m really curious to discover […]

Milk and Wine – Early Morning House & Techno Selection by Dj ikono

techno music mix march 2018 marzo dj ikono bangkok italy

New mix out now!  Milk and Wine This mix, featuring Dennis Ferrer, Emmanuel Satie, Chus & Ceballos, PAWSA, Dennis Cruz and many more, is a raw and honest early morning music selection, thus the name “Milk and Wine”. ——————————— Coming from the center of Italy, dj ikono promptly faced his appetite for music starting his […]

Dj ikono at Jai Thep Music Festival – Chiang Mai 2018

Dj ikono at Jai Thep Festival Chiang Mia 2018

Get ready for the Jai Thep Festival – 2018 Edition! Dj ikono will rock the (grass) dancefloor on Sunday night, February 4th! Have a look at the video teaser below: ********About Jai Thep Festival******** Jai Thep, Northern Thailand’s leading arts and music celebration, returns for its third year, outdoing themselves by extending festivities to 3 […]

Dj ikono at Quest Festival 2017

dj ikono will perfrom at quest festival 2017

This year I will perform again under my dj pseudonym ikono at Quest Festival in Vietnam. The camp is at about 45 minutes from Hanoi, the location is truly incredible and the Festival is considered one of the most scenic in the world. The stages are surrounded by a lake, mountains and the jungle making it an […]

Rural Thailand, Klang Yai, white rice and atavistic fears

bangkok windows streetphotography

Rural Thailand, Klang Yai, white rice and atavistic fears Klang Yai is just a mild 20 minutes ride from Ban Phue. That is situated at an even milder hour and a half ride from Udon Thani. This last city being one the biggest city around there, the mighty region of Isaan, and from where a […]

Love at the time of 7-11 and Tinder in Bangkok


Love at the time of 7-11 and Tinder in Bangkok The power of new media, and how they influence our life. Are you curious? I am, always. My 5 minutes alone in the toilet. My sleepy, limbo state in the early mornings between the first and the third cup of coffee. Mobile in my hands, […]

That day my comfort zone has died – How to survive in the Bangkok slums

ghost tower

My studio. A shitty, dirty, nude, mostly cracked room on the second floor of a decrepit building in one of the slums of Bangkok. The only place I’ve heard people saying that it’s dangerous. However, just for the record, people say a lot of bullshit. Once I woke up very early in the morning. That’s […]