About Me

Photo by Francesco Gregori Photographer

I’m Matteo, Italian and I currently live in Bangkok. I’ve always loved travelling and I’ve been doing so since I was 21. My first destination was Taiwan and I wasn’t really prepared for what was bound to happen. All I really cared for were parties and music, but in Taipei there were no good parties and only commercial music from 10 years before was popular.

The cultural shock was huge and hit me as an unexpected hook in the liver. Few months later, I was a new man, my Chinese was proficient and I had adapted to live in Asia, to the point that I was really liking it. I could never abandon the sense of freedom and intensive learning I went through everyday since I was there, so I continued to travel all my life, without losing my willingness to learn, the spirit of adaptation, the challenges to go through, the struggle to learn a new language and the pursuit to feel at home everywhere I went.

I’m a Digital Nomad, but with the claim of being integrated everywhere I go and to appreciate the cultural varieties and avoid Starbucks and McDonald’s.

I graduated in Marketing and International Communication and a second time in International Relations and Cooperation Development. I have a Master Degree In International Trade with knowledge of Asian Languages. I speak fluent English, Spanish, Chinese, a good Thai and of course Italian.

I’ve always loved computers since I was 10 years old, when my parents bought me my first Commodore 64, on which I could spend days without moving my eyes from the screen. Years had passed and I learnt how to use Graphic Softwares, Web Languages and Music Production Softwares to compose my own music, until the moment it all made sense and lumped together as I started my dj career that, inevitably, converged with my passion for sharing unforgettable moments with others: Elektro Delikatessen, my Promoter Crew and Label, was born.

I currently collaborate in a lot of projects (check out the Portfolio Section) and I am available for interesting Freelancing Projects.