15 Weird Things that you can See or Do in Bangkok

This one is a little bit different from the other videos on Bangkok that you can find on youtube. It’s not about the best things a tourist can experience here. It’s more about daily life here and trying to immerse in the Thai society. It’s about what still catches my attention after more than 2 years living here. It’s about many little shivers that still comes up to my spine when walking this colourful, dirty, enigmatic, cruel, morbid, cuddling city.

Did you ever think that you could get a haircut on the street while buying thongs, or seeing Bangkok’s main street (Sukhumvit) closed for a skate event, or even meet a giant monitor lizard catching fishes while just taking a walk in the park?

Do monkeys scare you? So what about having them right on the street? Don’t know what to do with your life? Go get your tarot cards read next to the temple, or ask for your Thai horoscope to an automatic Buddha!

Do you feel lonely? Meet tons of new friends just right at the corner: rats!
Are you bored? Go take a ride with your motorbike during the rainy season: good luck swimming in the streets, magically transformed in temporary rivers. Missing you pets back home? Just head to the closest 7-11 to find the sweetest soi dogs ever!

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